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Introducing our enhanced “zero charge” card validation via 3DS authentication

We're thrilled to announce “zero charge” card validation via 3DS authentication. ​​This new endpoint means you can still validate the card via 3DS, but this time with zero charge. Meaning that no money is deducted from the end-customers card during the validation process, speeding up card validation and removing the need to perform a refund.

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In this post, we'll dive into what card validation is, how it works using 3DS authentication, and why it's important for both end-customers and platforms alike.

What is card validation?

At its core, card validation involves checks and protocols to ensure that the credit or debit card used in a transaction is authentic. It's about verifying that the end-user initiating the transaction is the legitimate cardholder and that there are no blocks on the card.

How does 3DS authentication work?

3DS (3D Secure) is a protocol designed to verify card-not-present transactions, such as in online or digital scenarios. During the checkout flow, the end-customer is redirected to a prompt from their card issuer (bank).

Following the prompt's instructions, typically a code sent to the customer's mobile phone, completes the authentication. Mangopay's latest card validation API endpoint now allows platforms to perform this check without debiting any payment initially. If successful, the end-customer can proceed with the transaction, and the payment is only debited when confirmed.

Why is it important for end-customers?

  • Customer Protection: The authentication step ensures that the cardholder is initiating the transaction, preventing unauthorized use, such as in cases of lost or stolen cards.
  • Smooth Customer Experience: With a 3DS verification step seamlessly embedded in the checkout flow, customers gain confidence and enjoy a quicker process for future transactions, thanks to one-click payments after card validation.

Why is it crucial for platforms?

  • Preventing Fraudulent Charges: Authentication guarantees that transactions are initiated by the legitimate card owner, reducing the risk of fraudulent charges that platforms would otherwise need to manage.
  • Reducing Chargeback Risks: By preventing fraudulent transactions, platforms can significantly cut down on chargebacks, saving time, effort, and costs associated with managing disputed transactions.

If you are interested in learning more please reach out to your customer success manager or contact us.