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Enhance payment flexibility with our 7 or 30-day preauthorization

We are pleased to announce enhancements to our preauthorization capabilities. This development enables you to select either a 7 or 30-day duration for preauthorization, aligning with the needs of your business. Offering you more flexibility into card transactions and ensures a smoother experience and added security for both platforms and end-customers.

7-30day-preauth 7-30day-preauth-mobile



Why card transactions demand preauthorization:

In the authorization process, Mangopay actively communicates with the cardholder’s bank (issuer) to validate a transaction. This crucial step confirms the account's existence, ensures it's not blocked, and verifies the availability of sufficient funds.

Benefits of requesting credit card preauthorization:

  1. Elevating customer experience:
  • Informing end-customers that their card won’t be charged until items are shipped or services are used fosters trust and enhances overall customer experience.
  1. Reduce refund charges:
  • As transactions are on hold during preauthorization, it can eliminate the need for refunds and the costs associated with them.

7 or 30-day preauthorization: Choose your term, choose your flexibility:

  1. Flexibility at its best: Complement feature
  • Platforms can actively modify the preauthorized amount before the final capture, offering flexibility for scenarios where the initial amount may need adjustment.
  • Example: A car rental platform places a hold on the rental amount. If the end-customer damages the car during the trip, the platform can modify the preauthorized amount to cover the rental and damage costs.
  1. No Show? No Problem: No show feature
  • Platforms can confidently capture funds if the preauthorization goes unused, ideal for scenarios like no-show, or late cancellation charges.
  • Example: A rental property platform places a hold on the rental amount. If the end-customer fails to show up, the platform can still capture funds for a no-show charge.

Stay informed:

For a deep dive into these enhancements, refer to our documentation.

Designed to provide more control and flexibility for both platforms and end-customers, these 7 or 30-day enhanced preauthorization features are built around your online payments needs.

If you are interested in learning more please reach out to your customer success manager or contact us.