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Introducing the new Mangopay Checkout SDK

We're excited to unveil the new Mangopay Checkout SDK, user-friendly interface designed to make online payments a breeze. This SDK is set to redefine how you accept PCI compliant cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay payments on both desktop and mobile devices.

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What is the Mangopay Checkout SDK?

The Mangopay Checkout SDK is your go-to solution for hassle-free online payments. With an easy-to-integrate design, seamless payment experience, and faster time to market with its simple integration.

Checkout SDK preview

The core benefits:

  • Improved payment experience: Offer your customers a more simple checkout experience which can reduce payment or authentication errors and cart abandonment rates.

  • Effortless integration:  The Checkout SDK takes away the complexity, resulting in a faster time to market and lower engineering costs for you.

  • Launch new payment methods faster: Integrating the Checkout SDK opens doors to future payment methods, requiring minimal development changes.


 Why use our Checkout SDK?

  • Simplified card tokenization: Leverage payment tokenization to build a more connected ecosystem, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring smooth transactions.

  • Full PCI compliance: The Checkout SDK ensures full PCI compliance, with Mangopay handling all sensitive card data. Mangopay is responsible for securely collecting, storing, and processing cardholder data in every transaction. This shift in PCI responsibility to Mangopay translates to less time, cost, and effort for our customers.

  • In-built fraud protection: Rely on Mangopay's tokenization, coupled with fraud prevention powered by Nethone, guaranteeing a high level of security.

  • Integrated 3DS handling: Seamlessly manage the end-to-end 3D Secure (3DS) redirection and authentication flow with our 3DS SDK.

  • Customizable design elements: Design the appearance of your checkout to suit your preferences with our Checkout SDK. This gives you complete control over the look and feel of your checkout experience.

  • Optimized for website and mobile: We've crafted specific versions of the Checkout SDK for web, Android, and iOS. Additionally, our Checkout SDK is fully responsive to different screen sizes.

  • Automatic card validation: As your customer begins entering their card number, our Checkout SDK automatically identifies the brand. At the same time the length of the card number and card expiry date are verified to ensure a seamless experience.

Getting Started with the Checkout SDK

Getting started with the Checkout SDK is simple, requiring minimal development time. We’ve built our Checkout SDK in a flexible and modular nature. Existing Mangopay clients can now easily implement a cleaner and fully customized checkout UI while maintaining their existing integration. 

Read the full Checkout SDK documentation visit our docs


If you are interested in learning more please reach out to your customer success manager or contact us.