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From idea to scale-up : insights from top-performing platforms

Beebs, Royaltiz and Tracktor are prime examples of three innovative concepts that have become successful platforms. Learn how they did it, and discover the payment flows and features that worked for them.

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The platform model has given entrepreneurs wings when it comes to producing innovative concepts and business ideas. From tackling the cold start problem to determining their growth loop, balancing offer and demand, not to mention navigating operational and regulatory challenges, marketplace operators still have to overcome quite a few challenges to get their businesses off the ground. And then scale their success, of course.

We caught up with three CEOs who aren’t afraid of thinking big for a one-hour workshop and asked them about their entrepreneurial journeys, the solutions that worked for them, and of course because at Mangopay we fuel marketplace success through payments, what workflows and features made it all come together.

Intrigued? We don’t blame you. “Marketplaces, from an idea to a scale-up : insights from top-performing platforms" is a compelling watch. Moderated by Mangopay CMO Benjamin Bianchet, this workshop features Beebs CEO Morgan Hilmi, Tracktor CEO Idir Ait Si Amer and Royaltiz CEO Christophe Vattier.

Watch the replay below.