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Empowering innovation and satisfaction: Unleashing the potential of work from anywhere

At Mangopay, our core values aren't just words on paper – they're the heartbeat of our work culture. We take pride in our diverse team, a mosaic of unique qualities that drives our innovative approach and challenges industry norms. It's this diversity that fosters an environment where creativity flourishes.

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 We empower our employees to take initiative, fostering a stimulating work environment that fuels both individual and collective success. Entrepreneurship isn't just encouraged; it's actively nurtured, this commitment has helped position Mangopay as an industry leader.

Another key cornerstone of our culture is collaboration, emphasizing the importance of collective teamwork. Inclusion is paramount, ensuring every team member, whether in an office or working remotely, feels welcomed and integral to the decision-making process.

With nine offices spanning the globe – such as Paris, London and Dublin – Mangopay has built a network fostering collaboration across borders. Our employees enjoy the flexibility to work either remotely or in our offices, enriching our diversity and offering a platform for experiencing different cultures and perspectives.

Taking our commitment even further, we offer two custom programs: Tutti Frutti and work from anywhere.

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Tutti Frutti is an immersive work experience program promoting collaboration and growth through experiences working abroad within another Mangopay office. This initiative not only enhances professional and personal development but also fosters global team building and helps us become even more agile.

Our Work from anywhere program demonstrates our dedication to flexibility. Employees can work remotely for up to three weeks with just a laptop and an internet connection. This program allows them to travel or visit loved ones without interrupting their work, highlighting our understanding of the importance of work-life balance.

Numerous studies emphasize the positive impact of workplace happiness and the importance of a healthy work-life balance. 



To provide a first-hand perspective on Mangopay's work culture and remote work policies, let's hear from some employees who have taken advantage of our Work from anywhere program:

Q: Last year, you had the opportunity to work from Bali for three weeks. What influenced your choice of Bali for remote work, and how did it impact your work-life balance?

Johanna: Bali was chosen for its weather, and the time zone allowed us to work from 3 pm to follow European time. This provided mornings to explore and enjoy personal time. While it was less stressful, the long working hours were a bit exhausting.

Anastasiia: Bali was the first destination I thought about when I thought about working from abroad. It was somewhere I’d always wanted to visit. It did require some adjustment as the change in work hours challenged my usual routine. However, I adapted and found it quite manageable. Having flexibility in meeting times actually helped improve productivity.


Q: Did the work from anywhere experience affect your productivity, especially as a manager with important projects?

Johanna: No, my productivity didn't drop. I had an important project, and taking some days off helped me maintain a high level of productivity.

Anastasiia: Initially, it wasn't obvious, but with time, I found a balance. Scheduling meetings in the morning helped improve productivity. Managing a workload in a different environment was challenging at first but it soon became more comfortable.



Q: Would you consider working from another location again, and if so, where, and would you recommend work from anywhere to your team?

Johanna: Yes, I would consider it, next time in a European destination to avoid significant time differences. For my team, I would recommend it as long as they consider personal commitments, it’s a great opportunity to travel or spend more time with loved ones but you are still working and it is not an extended holiday so they must ensure they won't feel frustrated while working in a different location.

Anastasiia: Definitely, I would do it again. I lean towards destinations in Asia or Africa due to similar time zones. The ability to explore in the morning and work in the afternoon is ideal. I might choose a location closer to home but still exotic.



Q: Do you feel that our flexible and work from anywhere programs help set us apart?

Johanna: Absolutely. Mangopay's programs, like Tutti Fruiti and work from abroad, provide great benefits, allowing employees to balance personal needs, spend time with family abroad, and maintain productivity while working from different locations.

Anastasiia: Absolutely. Mangopay's work from anywhere initiative has been a great opportunity. It shows trust in employees and allows for a unique working experience. The flexibility to choose where to work is a significant benefit, and it contributes to the overall positive work environment at Mangopay.

Our commitment to remote work isn't just a response to external circumstances; it's a deliberate choice rooted in our core values. By embracing diversity, nurturing entrepreneurship, and fostering collaboration, our Work from anywhere policy is a testament to our dedication to employee satisfaction, happiness, and motivation, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation.

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