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We’re crossing new borders: launching Virtual IBANs in Germany

We’ve launched Virtual IBANs in Germany, a step forward in increasing the efficiency of transactions while creating an inclusive and barrier-free payment experience for users.

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With local IBANs, payment processing becomes significantly user-friendly as it offers more direct and efficient integration into existing systems. Let’s dive into what Mangopay's Virtual IBANs can do for the German market and beyond.

Global reach, local impact

As marketplaces and platforms continue to grow and expand across borders, our goal is to simplify international payment transactions. Launching local IBANs in Germany is an opportunity to introduce this solution in other key markets. By making local IBANs available in more regions, we reinforce our role in modernizing payment transactions, making them more efficient and accessible for users worldwide. This shows our dedication to building a global network that makes trade easier and strengthens economic relationships.

Virtual IBANs with Mangopay

Automated reconciliation for faster processing: Unique virtual IBANs can be allocated to Mangopay's e-wallets for smoother payment operations. Platforms can ensure lesser manual work by automating reconciliation tasks and reducing errors associated with manual processing. 

Conversion-driven payment experiences to combat IBAN discrimination: Moreover, with the introduction of local IBANs in Germany, we are taking a decisive stand against IBAN discrimination, a phenomenon where payments are disadvantaged based on the origin of the IBAN between EU countries. This allows buyers and sellers to enjoy seamless and fair payment experiences on their preferred marketplaces and platforms.

Faster payment operations for your platform: Faster reconciliation also leads to streamlined admin processes like billing, shipping, dunning, refund ops, and cash flow management. 

We can help you select and connect the products you need to succeed. Get in touch to learn more about how our Virtual IBANs can work for you.