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A rise in recommerce: Unleashing payments potential

The start of a new year often marks more than just personal resolutions; it also brings trends and shifts in various industries. One such trend gaining momentum is the rise of recommerce, a concept that's reshaping the way people buy and sell second-hand items.

A rise in recommerce: Unleashing payments potential A rise in recommerce: Unleashing payments potential

The backstory

With the new year in full swing, we're witnessing not just resolutions but a notable shift in how people buy and sell second-hand items. Isabelle Castro Margaroli recently dove into the financial intricacies of this emerging trend, highlighting the financial acrobatics individuals are pulling off in the face of soaring living costs. 

The standout? Recommerce – a cool new term for selling your old stuff online to pocket some extra cash.

 The digital revolution

Gone are the days of garage sales and flea markets; we've entered the digital era of recommerce. Platforms like eBay and Craigslist paved the way, simplifying the process with online classified ads. Today, the US recommerce sector is on track to hit a mind-blowing $245 billion by 2025, contributing significantly to global e-commerce sales. Online shoppers in Europe are fueling a thriving market in second-hand fashion, with the category generating over $10 billion in 2022.  Projections suggest that by 2027, the European second-hand clothing market could reach $33 billion, driven by an anticipated 85.5 million users. Thrifting isn't just a trend; it's a booming movement for eco-conscious consumers across the continent.


The payments playground

Now, here's where it gets interesting for us in the payments game. As the recommerce space evolves, there's a golden opportunity for us to step into the payments processing arena and shake things up.

I've been shouting from the rooftops about how integrating payments processing can unlock a treasure trove of opportunities. It's not just about making transactions smoother for users – it's about creating innovative, integrated products that not only amp up platform usability but also throw open doors for marketplaces to diversify their revenue streams.

Platforms can actively motivate consumers by offering enticing rewards for participating in the trade-in process. From payments and loyalty points to discounts, these incentives not only make a positive environmental impact but also shower consumers with tangible benefits. It's more than just a transaction – it's a vibrant cycle that celebrates and appreciates individuals.

The fintech frontier

Why does the fintech space matter so much here? Well, picture this: instant payouts, cash advances for regular sellers, and partnerships with banks for online wallets offering interest on balances. Yep, that's the fintech playground we're talking about, merging seamlessly with recommerce opportunities.

Changing the revenue game from advertisements to a percentage of transaction volume turbocharges a marketplace's growth. It's like giving your flywheel an extra gear, propelling it into a whole new level of speed.


Challenges and triumphs

Of course, no trend comes without its challenges. Trust issues between buyers and sellers? Oh, you bet. As the middlemen in these transactions, we've got the task of not just facilitating payments but also building that all-important trust.

Fraud prevention and customer protection become our superhero capes. Implementing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls becomes the name of the game. And let's not forget keeping a watchful eye on items sold to protect customers against online misrepresentation.

Innovations on the horizon

Now, payment orchestration has been the go-to for many e-commerce sites, but recommerce has been playing catch-up due to its unique challenges. The good news? Providers are emerging, offering payment orchestration with beefed-up compliance capabilities. This means recommerce platforms can break free from traditional constraints and chart a path toward innovation.

Exciting times, right? As the recommerce sector continues to boom, we at Mangopay are right in the mix, eyeing the intersection of payments and innovation. Stay up-to-date with the Mangopay Blog for more deep dives into the dynamic world of payments and finance.

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