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How APMs enhance the payment experience for customers and platforms

At Mangopay, we recognize the importance of offering diverse payment options to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and consumers. "Alternative payment methods" (APMs) is a term encompassing payment methods that facilitate fund transfers without the need for cash or cards.

Alternative-payment-methods-mangopay Alternative-payment-methods-mangopay

The increasing popularity of APMs is evident as consumers seek alternatives to traditional payment methods. In 2022, 89% of payments were made digitally, and 62% were made using multiple modes, according to a McKinsey report, and this trend is set to continue. 

Embracing APMs is not just a trend; it's a strategic move in the evolving landscape of payments.

To understand the potential benefits of APMs, let's explore some of the options Mangopay provides, including Satispay, Blik, Mbway, and Multibanco, and discover the advantages they bring to merchants and customers.



Satispay, an Italian fintech company, offers a mobile payment platform that empowers users to make swift and secure transactions using their smartphones. By linking their bank accounts or cards to the Satispay app, individuals and businesses can seamlessly conduct online and in-store transactions with ease.



Blik, a prominent Polish mobile payment system, facilitates both online and in-store transactions through smartphones. Users can connect multiple bank accounts to the Blik app, streamlining transactions and consolidating various financial sources into a single, secure mobile payment solution.



Hailing from Portugal, MB WAY provides users with a versatile mobile payment solution. Users link their bank accounts or payment cards to the app, enabling a range of transactions, including money transfers, online and in-store payments, and ATM withdrawals. MB WAY's adaptability meets the diverse needs of users.



Multibanco, the most popular payment method in Portugal, operates as a debit-based 'post-pay' method. Customers use Multibanco to complete transactions post-purchase by entering a checkout-generated reference code. From online payments to ATM transactions, Multibanco stands out as a comprehensive solution, favored by consumers.


Benefits of APMs

  • Increased customer reach: Businesses incorporating diverse APMs expand their audience reach, accommodating various payment preferences.
  • Enhanced customer experience: APMs provide a seamless and convenient payment experience, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduced cart abandonment: Offering alternative payment options significantly decreases cart abandonment rates as customers find familiar modes of payment.
  • International expansion: APMs pave the way for global expansion by catering to diverse payment habits across different regions.


Simplified integration with Mangopay

Choosing Mangopay for APMs offers a key advantage – seamless integration.

Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth onboarding process, allowing businesses to accept multiple alternative payments in a single integration. Our robust API and developer-friendly tools facilitate easy adaptation to the evolving payment landscape.

To discover how Mangopay can help you select and connect the products you need for success, reach out to us.