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Fintech opportunities in payments

Payment Infrastructure-as-a-Services (PIaaS) is at the forefront, making it easier for businesses to become fintech players. In this blog, we explore the opportunities in payments, discuss the innovations shaping digital payments, and predict the big payment trends of 2024.

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Opportunities in fintech payments:

PIaaS lets companies take control and innovate by integrating financial products like stored value wallets and Banking-as-a-Service into different digital experiences. Platforms, such as marketplaces, are using embedded finance for seller earnings management and enhancing buyer experiences with gamified reward programs.

For instance, a famous Seattle coffee chain's loyalty program, with over 27.4 million active members, contributes to 53% of revenue from U.S. stores alone. The flexibility provided by a Software Development Kit (SDK) for seamless integration of financial solutions within interfaces opens up new revenue streams for digital companies.

Innovations in digital payments:

Looking ahead, AI integration in fintech is set to revolutionize various aspects. Beyond security, AI applications include precise credit scoring, underwriting tracking, administrative task automation, and optimizing payment acceptance rates. Treasury and FX risk management are getting a tech upgrade with API-first solutions and advancements like Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and stablecoins.

The 'perfect payment' is subjective and tailored to each digital company's unique needs. While security and reliability remain crucial, ongoing innovation is necessary to meet customer demands. Multisided platforms are driving the need for innovative payment solutions, with adaptable companies emerging as leaders.

Predicting the big payments trend of 2024:

As we look to the future, AI is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the fintech landscape. Companies will use AI to make faster financial decisions, enhance onboarding processes, manage risks effectively, and drive operational efficiency. This trend is about leveraging AI to innovate rapidly and overcome operational challenges.

The rise of social and contextual commerce is set to revolutionize payment experiences in 2024. The ability to instantly and contextually purchase items showcased in various digital contexts reflects a shift towards a seamless and intuitive payment ecosystem.

Opportunities abound for fintech in payments, with embedded finance, AI integration, and contextual commerce leading the way. Moving into 2024, companies that embrace innovation will undoubtedly lead the charge in shaping the future of fintech payments.

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