MANGOPAY takes on tech in Madrid!

MANGOPAY takes on tech in Madrid!
August 16, 2022
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As part of a €75 million investment by Advent International, we are unveiling exciting new projects in our key markets. Our new Tech Hub in Madrid, Spain, will be dedicated to R&D, pushing our MANGOPAY ecosystem farther than ever before, and consolidating our ambitions for the region.

Improving the quality of our solution is part of our DNA. As payment pioneers and trailblazers, we pride ourselves on our ability to assemble the brightest minds to develop the features our clients need to scale their businesses. 

For the first time in MANGOPAY’s history, we are opening a R&D hub outside France. Our aim with this Tech Hub is, unabashedly, to access new international talent and also be closer to the Iberian market. 

"The creation of this technology hub and the investments made are a key step for MANGOPAY in Spain. This European Tech Hub is the next step in our ongoing effort to help our customers innovate quickly and on a large scale, in a regulated world, to keep pace with new consumer habits and needs.”

Nicolas Fournié, Country Manager Iberia

Our Spanish office has gone from strength to strength since it first opened two years ago. To continue to harness this potential, our team of 11 Sales and CSM will soon be joined by 25 IT specialists. “We look forward to supporting future Iberian platforms and delivering bold and innovative projects globally. It’s a great opportunity for Spain and Madrid that global tech companies invest broadly by offering top tier job opportunities as well as strengthening the tech and e-commerce sector,” commented Fournié.

Starting this fall, this dream team will be rolling up their sleeves to take on our internal stack and ecosystem: both technically and in terms of customer centricity, we won’t accept anything less than best in class!

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